00001. Criswell's Melodramatic Introduction!

00001. Criswell's Melodramatic Introduction!

Length: 67 seconds • Screenplay pages: 2Taken

Criswell doesn't pull any punches with this introduction for a movie that may or may not be the movie you are watching. Wait, isn't this Plan 9 from Outer Space and not Grave Robbers from Outer Space? Anyway, this clip is great because Criswell seems to only have one volume setting. Don't you wonder what Criswell would be like in real life? Also, who is Criswell? Are we supposed to know him already? Some suggestions for remaking this clip: because it's a monologue you can record it anywhere. Switching it to a super casual and relaxed introduction might be fun. Or go the other way... How would William Shatner in the role of Hamlet read this introduction?

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