00029. Eros has a Bad Day at Work!

00029. Eros has a Bad Day at Work!

Length: 205 seconds • Screenplay pages: 65-70Taken

These clips really lay bare how, uh, not good, these aliens are at planning an invasion. Their electrode-controlling-the-human-dead technology is also so buggy that it almost kills two of them! These first few undead are just a pilot project and it's really going so bad that you'd almost feel bad for Eros if he wasn't such a dingleberry. In later scenes Eros explains that the aliens are on Earth to try to stop Earth people from developing a doomsday device, but with the Ruler taking Eros' ships away from him here it's obvious that this is not really a big priority? Isn't that thing supposed to destroy the whole universe? Anyway. Eros is having a real bad day at work when he almost gets strangled to death by a zombie supposedly in his control and he has to be rescued by his boss telling Tanna to turn it off and on again. Nobody blames you Tanna, the tech department didn't have enough time to test these electrode guns on real subjects.

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